Appreciate Happiness

I’ve noticed that many of my posts are very depressing, though I try and be positive for an optimist.

I decided to just write a post about what I am happy about.

Since life is short and experiences are what make it worthwhile, there’s really no harm in trying a new approach.

1. I’ve recently started my first full time job

After months of searching for a job after moving from Bournemouth to London, I was offered two jobs on the same day. Life in London is busy and stressful, with people never stopping to even say hello when they walk past you on the street. I was offered the perfect role – a lush PR property job with many incentives. On the other hand I was also offered a challenge. Somehow I found myself going for the challenge…

2. I’m alive

Who wouldn’t be happy about this?

3. I have a wonderful brother

Luckily my brother offered me a place to stay whilst I’ve been technically homeless and job hunting. The housing prices in London have rocketed since I lived here. I’m currently seeking a place to stay but I’m happy to have the chance to stay with family until I find the right place and save more.


I actually did it!! After years of worrying and stressing my way through uni, I did it. I also met some amazing people along the way.

5. I’ve decided to give my flirting Facebook ex another chance (only time will tell…)

So we’ll just have to see what happens next…


My Heart’s Pact

While I might not know the answer to many of my questions,

While you might not see me shatter when my world comes crashing down,

Everyday I’m learning that life is an array of lessons,

And even though your learning, you’ll sometimes be the clown.

I believe in collecting memories, no matter how big or small.

I believe in sharing laughter, love and take comfort in all joys around.

But one important thing I ought to believe and ensure I take due care.

No one should be treated with less love or respect than which they share.

Simply Speech

Quick Update on Trust

So after finally being given my partners social media log ins I found out that the long awaited truth.

My gut was correct yet again and now I’m starting to feel like I should trust my intuition a bit more.

From the beginning of the relationship alarm bells were ringing as I quickly discovered that just like another ex, J was a compulsive liar. Over a year down the line I have managed to find out that my theory was indeed right.

Tip: If you get a gut feeling, don’t ignore it. Your feeling might turn out to be correct down the line, leaving the time for you to get more emotionally attached.

This time I decided to go with the smart option and delete him out of my life.

We’ll just have to see what the future holds and hope that I can keep on ignoring the urge to give in and reach out.

Simply Speech

Facebook Kills Relationships

Never ask for your partners password and then go through their inbox.

Even if you say that if you find something you will leave and walk away, so many people say that and do the opposite thing.

When it comes to emotions, it seems like derision making is blurred. Or in fact torn by two – your heart and your head.

Flicking through inbox messages, I finally saw what I had been waiting for the past year. Evidence.

Evidence that my gut feeling was right in some sort of way… Yet, though I did find what I was looking for, it doesn’t make me any happier.

It just verified what I had already thought I knew.

Then why is it still so hard to walk away?

Damn heart

The Element of Trust

Trust is something that a relationship is built on. It helps people to stay together through the good and the bad and creates a bond between two people who are able to communicate honestly and freely.

Although people say that trust and communication are the foundation of any relationship, what happens when you don’t have these essential elements?

It is easy for people to say that without trust, a relationship will fail. It certainly makes things a lot harder, but if two people love each other but still have no trust, does this necessarily mean the relationship will fail?

I read a very interesting post this morning which basically said that people are not perfect and it is up to you if you decide to lend your heart to another person.

As true as it this, if you decide to give your heart to someone and you both try your best to work on things, without trust, past issues can arise.

Many of my friends who are in relationships admit that in their minds they still have doubts about their partners. This is something that I too have much experience with.

Yet, if someone truly makes you happy and you find yourself always coming up with excuses why you should be together despite the element of trust – does that mean that you love them? And where does this leave trust?

Simply Speech

Graduate Job – Social Media Marketing

I’ve not really been writing much recently as a lot has been going on offline.

Recently I’ve been struggling to find a job in London after finishing uni a few months ago. After applying for hundreds of jobs and going to interview after interview I was asked to present a pitch for a new social media and marketing role.

After months of the long wait (living in my brothers living room) I was finally offered two jobs. One was the exact role I have been looking for in a marcomms company whilst the other was a social media role.

This dilemma caused me to go with my gut instinct though there are some downfalls involved. However I decided to go for the risk option and take a challenge. There’s a lot to learn but we’ll see how this goes.

Immediately after I accepted I wanted the other job, however gut feelings are hard to ignore. What are your thoughts on gut feelings?