Lovesick and Drunk On Love

Love is a funny emotion. I choose the word emotion as love is a feeling like joy or pain but can change a persons attitudes about themselves and behaviour in dramatic ways if it is inconsistent.

Looking at love in terms of cognitive dissonance, the feelings that derive from feeling a sense of attachment, need or desire for a person can make you feel like the happiest person in the world or can leave you in a broken and in a traumatic state. It can tear away any sense of morals or obligation and make you fall flat on your face.

The ever growing epidemic of teenage pregnancies in England is not only causing an impact in the population and statistics of this booming country, but also leaves a trail of single mothers trying to make ends meet; juggling the burden of bringing up their children whilst battling against the expectations of society and their own feelings.

Our lifes are becoming engulfed with the constant noise of stereotypical and representatives of things that we are not on television everyday. The over complicated story lines which blur the distinction in our hectic everyday lives.

Why is it that sometimes we make the stupidest decisions out of impulse? Setting ourselves up for the most hurtful fates.


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