What is love?

There are so many different types of love. The first is towards your parents, then your friends and then your lover.

But what is love?

Love is obviously a feeling, an emotion. But how we define it and know it is a whole other matter.

When you’re young it is easy to throw around the word. I used to say that there are different kinds of love. You are either in love or you can love someone or something (like your family or friends or a dog).

I’m going to settle with love as an emotion. It can bring you happiness or sadness but it also provides hope of joy. So live, love and be happy. Because if you don’t, then what else will bring a bit of hope in this world?


Valentines Surprise

Maybe he’s not that much of a player…

…Maybe there is hope.

I woke up this morning to see a text from the university confirming that my seminar had been cancelled. Just as I was in the middle of my happy dance, I received a call saying that the seminar was back on.

Then to be surprised by this:


30 beautiful red roses delivered to my door. Now that is a good start to the day 😀 It never hurts to hope, but you never know, it may hurt to never give something a chance.

I hope everyone has a beautiful day – live, laugh and love – even if you have a Valentines date or not. Remember that life is what we make is, so make it worthwhile.


Labelling is a problem that everyone has to go through at some stage. You will be labelled on your race, gender, sexuality, style and so on. One label that comes up frequently when Valentines Day is approaching is the label of “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”.

We all know that when something is given a name, then that is what it is called and referred to and then of course that is what it is. So being a couple, either a boyfriend or a girlfriend automatically brands you to a relationship.

We’ve all heard of the friendship zone, when you’re in it you’re in it and it’s up to you to get out. But what happens when you’re in the  middle of the romance and friend zone and there is no possible clear way out? Are labels really that important if you know who you are inside?

It is possible to have all of the feelings and experiences of a relationship without actually entering into one, but how long can you take that? Do labels really matter to us girls?


Automatically when I hear the words “I’ve never had a relationship” my mind shouts “Player”. 

But the truth is, sometimes you can be wrong.

Now it is clear that women and men think as two different beings. Girl’s seem to have more affection and respond more based on their emotions whereas men just do. They do what they when, when they want and there are no questions asked about it.

Hard facts: Men will always be judged differently in society than women.

Scenario: A man is out with his friends in a club, he’s drinking a lot and a lot of women are giving him attention. He can either take the girl home, sleep with her and then carry on with life or he can go home alone etc. Now if that guy takes the first option, in the eyes of his friends “he’s the man” – he has performed like a man and done what a guy would do. Now think if it was the other way round and it was a woman doing that…

Nowadays girls have become just as and maybe even more sexually promiscuous than males. But despite this, they are viewed in the eyes of people as “loose, slags” and still in a way frowned upon. But if a man does that, then it’s different isn’t it?

When I heard from this guy that he’s never had a relationship, this is exactly what my mind focussed on. I understand that some people prefer to be single and some others want relationships or you could be in the middle like me but the thought of the situation dazed me.

Sometimes you can meet the most confusing of people. I’m analytical. When I meet someone, I like to analyse them and try to work them out in my head. Not in a judging type of way, but just as a guess to see if they meet my expectations or differ. Somewhere along the lines of trying to work him out and also stand my ground, I seem to have become consumed with the joy of liking someone and to be honest I don’t care. I’m strong.


What’s going on? Every time I try and forget about this guy, he somehow just keeps popping back into my head. I decided to stop talking to him 4 days ago. He told me that he wasn’t looking for a relationship and that was it – my mind automatically switched on lock down and prepared to shut him out. I told him that that was it, after the second time he had let me down when we were meant to meet up, but for some reason my mind forced me to pursue. I don’t even really want a relationship. At least I thought I didn’t. How can I not even know what I want but an urge inside me signals a manoeuvre and there I am with a target?

The mind is a mysterious thing. Even though you believe that you have made a decision, your subconscious awakens and tries to change your views. How can one simple dream make me feel completely different? It may be for good reasons or for bad but the score so far is heart 1, mind 0.