Labelling is a problem that everyone has to go through at some stage. You will be labelled on your race, gender, sexuality, style and so on. One label that comes up frequently when Valentines Day is approaching is the label of “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”.

We all know that when something is given a name, then that is what it is called and referred to and then of course that is what it is. So being a couple, either a boyfriend or a girlfriend automatically brands you to a relationship.

We’ve all heard of the friendship zone, when you’re in it you’re in it and it’s up to you to get out. But what happens when you’re in the  middle of the romance and friend zone and there is no possible clear way out? Are labels really that important if you know who you are inside?

It is possible to have all of the feelings and experiences of a relationship without actually entering into one, but how long can you take that? Do labels really matter to us girls?


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