What is love?

There are so many different types of love. The first is towards your parents, then your friends and then your lover.

But what is love?

Love is obviously a feeling, an emotion. But how we define it and know it is a whole other matter.

When you’re young it is easy to throw around the word. I used to say that there are different kinds of love. You are either in love or you can love someone or something (like your family or friends or a dog).

I’m going to settle with love as an emotion. It can bring you happiness or sadness but it also provides hope of joy. So live, love and be happy. Because if you don’t, then what else will bring a bit of hope in this world?


2 thoughts on “Love

  1. i like the way you worded “hope of joy” – I have usually seen it phrased as hope and joy – I prefer your way better. You have a delightful way of writing.

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