To Everyone Who Just Can’t Seem To Let Go…

Although we know that where there is a beginning there will surely be an end. For some of us, letting go is the hardest part of a break up.

After putting so much effort into something that you had so much trust in, seeing everything fall apart is the worst thing.

Despite seeing some of my closest friends going through the most unimaginable experiences with guys, a lot of us feel like we can’t remove ourselves from the situation.

Our hearts convince us that the relationship is something that we need. Something that we will not allow to walk out of our lives.

This type of dependency can be very destructive to even the strongest of people. Somewhere along the lines of trying to think with our heads, emotions switch on to sync mode and everything else follows.

“Head over heels in love”

This is exactly what we become. Consuming ourselves in something that we get so far into that there is no sign of hope of picking ourselves up again.

“Why do we do this to ourselves?” Some may think.

We are only human. We feel instincts and we take actions that result in consequences.

Deciding to the leave the guy who treated me so badly was the best thing I ever did. After that I felt free. Everyone deserves to be free. It is your life.


2 thoughts on “To Everyone Who Just Can’t Seem To Let Go…

  1. Very brave of you that made that decision and took it! I hope your life is being filled now with respect, love and lots of happiness. A lot of people don`t dare to take this big step you did and go one with their lives, even when they are being supported and helped by people who really respect them and care for them. It`s very painful to see those people suffer but no one can safe them. Only they can release themselves.

    1. Hello and thank you for following my blog Nadyess. I’ve learnt from experience that it is very easy to get so consumed in something very quickly when you put in too much emotion on the line. It is very upsetting to see people that you care about going through it, but you’re right, it is up to them if they choose to actually do something about it. It was hard for me to leave that relationship but it’s been just over a year now and I don’t look back.

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