Dad: “How is the weather today”
Me: “It’s still cold but the sun was out today”
Dad: (whilst chuckling) “Well the sun is out here too”

God I miss Barbados! Listening to my dad go on about the sunshine and complaining about the heat, while I try to pull my cardigan together and sit shivering in icy cold England. I cringe at the thought of even leaving the house today… The sun was indeed out – (for a change). Yet the icy chill still creeps under the cracks of the doors.

Although I arrived back in England on New Years Eve, after a 2 week vacation to the Caribbean. I still yearn for the slow pace and incredibly atmosphere. The nature and wonder of such a small but beautiful island surrounded by such glistening waters and breathtaking landscape.

My friend in Barbados
My friend in Barbados


A beach in Barbados
A beach in Barbados

It wasn’t the first time on the island and it certainly will not be the last. A world away from your own.

Sometimes I wonder what I’m going to do about my living situation after uni and I start to worry. I’ll be spending a fortune on rent if I move back to London but that is the place where I will hopefully find a good job. Sometimes I even consider just graduating then packing my stuff up and jetting away to the Caribbean and attempting to just live with dad.

Imagine that: living the dream on an island of the sun. Only having to buy one type of clothing all year round, none of the fuss of having to pack away clothes and worry about what to keep and what to chuck.


If only life were that simple. There always seems to be a good and a bad side. On the plus, the weather’s nice and it’s an experience but on the other hand the pace is just too slow.

Such a shift in atmosphere from London to Barbados for anyone would be so immense. Even my friends question me on how I would seriously handle the lifestyle for so long. Even I question it myself.

I wouldn’t really mind living abroad in Barbados for a little while. To me, it’s like a slice of paradise.

Chilling in the Sun
Chilling in the Sun


At the beach at night
At the beach at night

A get away from real life to steer your head away from the noise of home. But I most likely would not be able to truthfully do it for long. I would miss the fast pace of the UK but then again who knows where life will take me.



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