Sheep – Why Follow?

When I came to university, my aunt said that this was the place that I was going to find my husband.

When I got to university, my first thought was WHERE?

Everyone looked the same, dressed the same and pretty much acted in the same way. It was like being in a town full of pretty boys. But not the good type.

The types of boys who want to be classed as ‘The Man’. Want to sleep with as much girls as they can and spread the most STIs.

If one boy changed something, the others would follow. First it was with the chinos. Everyone started wearing them. Then it was the socks out look and then the chest out look.

Everyone looks so much the same that when I actually find a bit of eye candy. I will literally step back, mouth open and admire the beauty before me.

It’s actually so bad that it has got to the point where my hottie radar starts to go on override when I’m in reach to someone different.

Why follow everyone else?

I know that I have a certain type, but even if the sexiest boy who fit my type was to approach me, if they’re a sheep and if they have no personality, I won’t give them a second look.

Different is good. C’mon now, we don’t all want to be the same.



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