Think Like A Man

Whilst in Barbados last year I found myself watching a hilarious American comedy film that really got me thinking.

The film took a brilliant feminist slant and showed women outsmarting the men they were dating in order to get them to treat them right. It also filled the cinema with laughter and some people even clapped at the end (a bit strange I know).

It wasn’t until I was back in England that I realised that the book in the film actually existed.

While in Waterstones searching for a new read, a group a girls ran in and frantically asked a worker if they had Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.

After watching the group of girls storm towards a nearby shelf, I decided to take a gander for myself. And that was it. After reading the blurb, a bit of the preface and flicking through some pages, I paid for the book and hastily left the store. Literally like a kid that just got a bag of candy.

To be perfectly honest, I never really imagined myself to read a relationship book. I don’t know why, but I never thought I would. But boy, I’m glad I was wrong.

In 2 days I managed to finish the book page for page. I know it’s a small book but for me that is quick! Steve Harvey really made me laugh; his classic humour and straight to the point style kept me thoroughly engaged.

The film certainly is a good marketing tool and the book is pretty amazing. I found myself agreeing with everything that Steve Harvey was saying and seeing the way that men actually think from their point of view really put things into perspective.

Females are constantly trying to figure men out. If the men aren’t in trouble now, they will be later (that sort of thing). Women ask questions and they expect answers. When these questions aren’t answered the way they expect, arguments start and the drama begins.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

As Harvey states “…men are simple”. And I admit that my mind sometimes does over complicates things.

Reading the book made me look at things in such a different light. Even when a guy asks me if I want to go for a drink I start thinking about his intentions. According to Harvey, men want the “cookie” and if they don’t get it they will go off and find it elsewhere.

When someone asks me out somewhere, I automatically think that they want something. Harvey believes that if a woman wants a man to actually treat her right, that they have to be able to respect themselves. And he is right. How is a man going to be able to respect you if you show signs that make him think that you don’t want him to?

The problem we have, is that we are too caught up with mind games. But playing these games and not being upfront may be the cause of the problems.

Saying that, its not only the females who have to be upfront, these things work both ways.


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