Vision of Love


I dreamt of a place full of love,

Where the angels go to play,

A place that belongs high above,

And no people go astray.


The place was filled with beauty,

No cries, no pain, no hurt.

For once the world had no duty,

No reason to be alert.


The atmosphere was calming,

No sign of deceit or lies.

A break from death and embalming,

No need for hatred, war and disguise.


I woke up in the morning,

With a smile upon my face.

No indication of hate or scorning,

Just beauty, sunshine and grace.


I felt like there were no worries,

No-one to try and cause me pain.

But then I wandered back to reality,

And again I was to blame.


If only there was somewhere,

That could take away the strain.

The burdens of everyday life,

People living their life like it’s just a game.


But through this hurt and torment,

There seems to be a light,

A chance to live without consent,

And for the whole world to unite.


Akeshia xo


4 thoughts on “Vision of Love

  1. Beautiful written! I got the idea the personage attracts too much what other say or think. If she focus more on what she believe, wish and will come up for her! There`s a lot of joy and happiness around us, it`s just that sometimes we forget to focus on them. So, the light do exist!! 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing and have a loved and blessed weekend!

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