Depression is something that can creep up on you.

One moment, a person can feel fine and the next they feel as if their whole world is breaking down.

One of the stupidest things that I ever heard in life, was for someone to say that they think depression is not real, that it is just an excuse.

Seeing someone that you love and care about change before your eyes isn’t something that you make up in your head. Seeing someone go through life, constantly battling to do even the simple things like popping out to the shops or even trying to crack a smile, is not something that is just imagined.

The strongest people in life, seem to have gone through stages of depression. A sadness so deep and a situation so complex or hurtful that on the surface some days may be alright and others are just unbearable.

Everyone knows what it feels like to be sad. But depression is something that you can’t just shift or brush off. Even if the person is alright for days, weeks or months, they still feel the same way. It’s been described as a feeling of emptiness. Feeling a void somewhere inside that needs to be filled by happiness.

The mind is indeed a powerful thing and it can affect us in many different ways.

Sometimes I think to myself that if I travel the world I will be able to find myself. But it is not possible to just run away from the void that you feel inside. Sometimes the only way that things can get better is to change a routine and to develop different habits of distraction.

In the past, this void would be filled by male attention. The feeling of being wanted by someone. But I no longer see the point in dating for the sake of it. Yes going on dates with different people is one way of building confidence but there is no point trying to rebound and to force yourself to get over one person by getting with another.

Despite everything that any of you readers are going through, remember that we make mistakes in order for us to learn from them. There is no such thing as a perfect person, so don’t beat yourself up for being a bit difficult.

Live, love, learn, appreciate,
aspire, achieve.



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