Lust or Love? Personality or Appearance?

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The Psychology of Love is a blog designed for a university project which takes a look at women’s views on relationships and the attitudes they have toward relationships.

Would really help if you all could take a look on the blog and get involved, leave feedback or get involved with the surveys. Sorry guys, answers will only be considered by FEMALES.


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The Mind Of A Woman

This feels so strange to actually write a post on my own blog.

The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least. School breaks were always the time to have fun and to relax but obvious in university it’s not the same. After a quick visit to London and then a panic of work overload I seem to have found myself rushing back to my uni town.

I always thought that I would prefer to be at home rather than in this strange place. But I guess it’s a matter of preferences and I know where I concentrate better.

After starting the research into the blog for the uni project, I have seen that women have similar yet alternative views on relationships.

Turbulent relationships seem to have an effect on the behaviour the females have in their future relationships, and previous patterns are also being repeated.

Reading and finding out so much about the different ways that different women act in relationships has made me look at myself too. Patterns seem to be a thing that we girls just can’t seem to break away from.

I’m not saying that all women are like this. But a majority seem to have had a change of views which have resulted from bad relationships.

I want to know how women actually feel about being in relationships and the behaviour patterns that they repeat. Help me to create my research portfolio and please take a look at my site and leave feedback on improvements that can be made.

After all you amazing readers and writers have inspired on the topic 🙂

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The Independent Woman vs The Traditionalist


When I speak to my friends about their views on relationships, it is so clear to me that we are all so different. Sometimes when I speak to male friends they will make references to categorize all females as the same type. It amuses me to think that all females or males can be categorized in one type.


As part of my assignment to create a blog aimed a specific target audience, I spoke to two of my friends who have very alternative views in general but interestingly in regard to relationships.


Are you a Traditionalist or an Independent Woman?



The Psychology of Love…

Hey guys

I haven’t been blogging in a while because i’m trying to get my assignment for uni sorted. I’m making a blog for females. It is based on looking at the different behaviours that different females have in relationships. I would really appreciate it if any females would visit my site, it’s called The Psychology of Love (well of course men can as well but I would only like females to fill out the surveys). It would really help a lot.

Life for me is hectic at the moment. I can’t complain that much, i’m young, free and single. My blog The Psychology of Love will aim to bring you a research portfolio based on the different behaviours that my friends have in relationships and whoever takes part in the surveys. 🙂

I will be mainly following the relationships of:

The Traditionalist
The Seeker

The Girl Who Wants To Have Fun

The Hopeless Romantic

The Independent Woman

The blog is still being made so keep an eye out in the coming days and I hope you enjoy!