The Psychology of Love…

Hey guys

I haven’t been blogging in a while because i’m trying to get my assignment for uni sorted. I’m making a blog for females. It is based on looking at the different behaviours that different females have in relationships. I would really appreciate it if any females would visit my site, it’s called The Psychology of Love (well of course men can as well but I would only like females to fill out the surveys). It would really help a lot.

Life for me is hectic at the moment. I can’t complain that much, i’m young, free and single. My blog The Psychology of Love will aim to bring you a research portfolio based on the different behaviours that my friends have in relationships and whoever takes part in the surveys. 🙂

I will be mainly following the relationships of:

The Traditionalist
The Seeker

The Girl Who Wants To Have Fun

The Hopeless Romantic

The Independent Woman

The blog is still being made so keep an eye out in the coming days and I hope you enjoy!


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