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Finding it really hard to understand why some people seek to break up relationships. There have been multiple of times when I have been in a relationship with someone and a girl has actively tried to make the person cheat. It’s as if cheating is becoming an in thing or a type of challenge to people.

So many of my friends will say that men are the one in the wrong, that they think with their genitals instead of their heads. But I have been thinking that maybe it is females that may be in the wrong. Too many females seem to find it ok with flirting with a person who is in a relationship, stating that it’s not their problem, it’s the one cheating on their partner. Fair dos. BUT is this not creating a situation which possibly would not have been there if they didn’t try and seduce the person in a relationship?

I know it’s a bit of a ramble but just got me thinking… Maybe guys aren’t as bad as a lot of females thinks, maybe we have to look at ourselves and the vibes that we may be giving off as well.

No one is perfect and temptation is a thing that is around us all.

I suppose it just depends how much we all are going to resist and hold back.


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