Amateur Chocolate Mousse Attempt Part 1

Ok so I have to admit that I’ve fallen in love with the Australian version of Masterchef.

Although I’m not one for cooking shows, watching the first series of this programme has made me want to learn to cook.

Let alone seeing how friendly and supportive Australians are on the programme, watching the change in the amateur cooks was amazing.

After failing terribly last time in the kitchen (attempting to cook beef), I decided to go for a dessert today.

I chose to make a chocolate mousse as it seemed like the easiest chocolate dessert in the Good Housekeeping cookbook.

After glancing over the recipe I thought that the instructions seemed pretty easy. Boy was I wrong. If you’re completely new to desserts like me, you’ll quickly learn with this cookbook that you need to be able to understand the difference between beating, folding and whisking.

My Method

I started the mixture confidently by brewing a filtered coffee and popping it into the fridge to wait for it to cool. Then I separated three eggs and put the yolks and whites in a separate bowl.



Next I added 180g of Bourneville chocolate to a bowl over a pan on a light heat, stirring frequently with a spoon (I think I stirred too much!)


When the coffee was cold I stirred it into the chocolate and then left the mixture to cool, giving it a stir every now and then.

Next I added 2 tablespoons of water to the yolks whilst beating the mixture with a fork until it went a creamy yellow colour. I then mixed this into the chocolate mixture once it was left for about 3 minutes.

The next part is where I think the mixture went a bit wrong. According to the recipe, I was meant to add a pinch of salt to the egg whites and then whisk this together until the mixture became foamy and started to peak.

Being a complete amateur and not knowing what this meant, I used an electric hand whisk to mix the egg until it rose and was firm. I then poured this into the chocolate mix and attempted to “fold” the mixture. Next I separated the mixture into little pots and ended up with this:


After reviewing other attempts online I decided to mix the mixture more and then left it in the fridge to set for 4 hours. I then decided to attempt my first honeycomb in case all fails (review soon to come).

I don’t have a clue what this concoction is going to turn out like but I guess I’ll find out in about 5 mins 😁.


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