Geocaching Adventure

I thought a quick update was in dire need…

Last week I had the pleasure of going on a geocaching treasure hunt for the first time!


Now if you’re as clueless as I was about what geocaching actually is – don’t worry because I’m going to give a quick breakdown.

Geocaching is when people leave a small container in a random place and tag a location nearby with a clue.

Inside some boxes are small toys or keepsakes which you swap for something of your own. There is also a notepad (and sometimes a pen) to record that you visited the geocache.

By downloading a geocaching app, you have access to all of the nearby locations, hints, comments and can also record successful or unsuccessful finds.


This is an absolute brilliant way to get out and explore cost-free and I would recommend it anyone! I was completely stunned that I discovered it from an 8 year old.

We managed to find three geocaches in an hour in a half as well as stop for a picnic and have a woodland – whilst the little one gathered up a few treats along the way.




I’ve heard that geocaching is a world-wide thing and that there are even geocaches hidden behind bricks in exotic locations and under seabeds. If I ever get the chance to travel, an international adventure is definitely a must!

I want to hear if anyone else has had any amazing geocaching adventures or come across any creative clues. Though my trip was mini, I loved every part of it.

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