Graduate Job – Social Media Marketing

I’ve not really been writing much recently as a lot has been going on offline.

Recently I’ve been struggling to find a job in London after finishing uni a few months ago. After applying for hundreds of jobs and going to interview after interview I was asked to present a pitch for a new social media and marketing role.

After months of the long wait (living in my brothers living room) I was finally offered two jobs. One was the exact role I have been looking for in a marcomms company whilst the other was a social media role.

This dilemma caused me to go with my gut instinct though there are some downfalls involved. However I decided to go for the risk option and take a challenge. There’s a lot to learn but we’ll see how this goes.

Immediately after I accepted I wanted the other job, however gut feelings are hard to ignore. What are your thoughts on gut feelings?


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