Quick Update on Trust

So after finally being given my partners social media log ins I found out that the long awaited truth.

My gut was correct yet again and now I’m starting to feel like I should trust my intuition a bit more.

From the beginning of the relationship alarm bells were ringing as I quickly discovered that just like another ex, J was a compulsive liar. Over a year down the line I have managed to find out that my theory was indeed right.

Tip: If you get a gut feeling, don’t ignore it. Your feeling might turn out to be correct down the line, leaving the time for you to get more emotionally attached.

This time I decided to go with the smart option and delete him out of my life.

We’ll just have to see what the future holds and hope that I can keep on ignoring the urge to give in and reach out.



One thought on “Quick Update on Trust

  1. There’s just something about compulsive liars. It’s always those with the almost double lives and then you start to wonder when you become so gullible and when did they suddenly become everything you thought they’d never be. So good at playing the part. I wish I could string up the compulsive liars to save women everywhere 🙂

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