The Element of Trust

Trust is something that a relationship is built on. It helps people to stay together through the good and the bad and creates a bond between two people who are able to communicate honestly and freely.

Although people say that trust and communication are the foundation of any relationship, what happens when you don’t have these essential elements?

It is easy for people to say that without trust, a relationship will fail. It certainly makes things a lot harder, but if two people love each other but still have no trust, does this necessarily mean the relationship will fail?

I read a very interesting post this morning which basically said that people are not perfect and it is up to you if you decide to lend your heart to another person.

As true as it this, if you decide to give your heart to someone and you both try your best to work on things, without trust, past issues can arise.

Many of my friends who are in relationships admit that in their minds they still have doubts about their partners. This is something that I too have much experience with.

Yet, if someone truly makes you happy and you find yourself always coming up with excuses why you should be together despite the element of trust – does that mean that you love them? And where does this leave trust?



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