Appreciate Happiness

I’ve noticed that many of my posts are very depressing, though I try and be positive.

I decided to just write a post about what I am happy about.

Since life is short and experiences are what make it worthwhile, there’s really no harm in trying a new approach.

1. I’ve recently started my first full time job

After months of searching for a job after moving from Bournemouth to London, I was offered two jobs on the same day. Life in London is busy and stressful, with people never stopping to even say hello when they walk past you on the street. I was offered the perfect role – a lush PR property job with many incentives. On the other hand I was also offered a challenge. Somehow I found myself going for the challenge…

2. I’m alive

Who wouldn’t be happy about this?

3. I have a wonderful brother

Luckily my brother offered me a place to stay whilst I’ve been technically homeless and job hunting. The housing prices in London have rocketed since I lived here. I’m currently seeking a place to stay but I’m happy to have the chance to stay with family until I find the right place and save more.


I actually did it!! After years of worrying and stressing my way through uni, I did it. I also met some amazing people along the way.

5. I’ve decided to give my flirting Facebook ex another chance (only time will tell…)

So we’ll just have to see what happens next…