In Two Days…

I could be the luckiest girl in the world.
(Well in my eyes that is.)

It’s been a long week job-hunting since I left my job – and after going to loads of interviews, I actually managed to nail a particular one at somewhere I REALLY want to work.

Maybe trying to imagine I already have the job will work… I don’t care. All I know is, I’m focussing all of my positive energy in case it does.

Hopefully my next work update on Friday will be a positive one. Fingers crossed.



I am so scared right now. I haven’t been to the orthodontist for over 10 years and now I’m here waiting to find out if I can get my “smile fixed.”

I’ve always been against paying for surgery like a nose job or a boob job, but I literally cannot imagine myself getting married in 10 years time with my protruding front tooth!

It’s bad enough having to look at it whilst I brush my teeth or take a selfie.

I could just leave it. Save spending around £4000 on my mouth. But if I could have a perfect smile, I think it will boost my confidence. Especially when I’m going for interviews now and I dread even opening my mouth.

Call it vanity or whatever, I really don’t care. I just can’t bear this anymore.

After Months, I’ve Finally…


After months of battling morals and feeling smashing my head against my desk every now and then – I am finally free!

It sounds weird for a recent grad to be happy that they are once again in the rat race to find a job. But I swear, I feel this is a blessing in disguise.

Like I said before, I would rather be happy in a job than earn a good wage doing something I can’t enjoy.

Finally I have the time to focus on the goals I’ve set for myself, starting with: