The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating (For Guys)

The platform of meeting and being able to exchange private messages with people all over the world has become much more accessible.

To some, online dating has made it easier for them to express themselves and open up, while others have been left feeling the negative side of cyber dating, even including stories of stalking.

With the era of multi-screens and smartphones, we are all using apps which have made accessibility a whole lot easier. Dating apps likes POF and Tinder have given The Player’s a platform to seek (or fish) in an easier and more cost effective way. I’m not saying that genuine guys don’t use dating apps as well, but the amount of people that have headed to these types of apps to look for a bit of fun has meant that looking for a genuine guy has got a whole lot harder.

From experience, here are my tips for trying to approach a girl online:


1. Don’t post a naked picture. Disgusting.

2. Actually try and start a conversation, don’t just say “hi”.

3. If they have one, read their profile. If they don’t, be weary.

4. Post a full picture of your face, don’t let do a half-face selfie (it’s generally annoying).

5. Be yourself. If you secure a date after you’ve over exaggerated, how do you expect to lie once you’ve met them?

6. Ask questions, you’ll get them to know them better and they’ll see your interested in actually having a conversation.

7. Don’t be a creep. Bombarding someone with messages is weird. Don’t let the fact that you’re behind the comfort of your screen make you forget that obsessing is off-putting.

8. Girls like funny guys.

9. Don’t be too nice. It’s really really scary.

10. Try not to speak about your ex.


Thanks for reading my tips on the Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating For Guys. If you’ve had any experience with online dating sites/apps, what do you think could be added?



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