New Year, New Approach

You know that you love someone when you would do anything for them to make them happy. But when this feeling isn’t reciprocated, the months go by and although you’ve been together for so long – there still seems to be something missing.

I’ve been in a relationship for almost two years. That’s the longest time that I have ever bothered to stay with someone.

“Bothered” – now that’s certainly when you know…

When you spend months in a relationship fighting for it to work and putting in so much effort, the least you would expect is for the other person to try as well.

But when they don’t and you’re fooling yourself into thinking they truly do care and everything will change – you’re lying to yourself to justify your actions to yourself, not others.

I greeted the New Year with my partner, but my excitement for the coming year was shadowed by a reality that has always been quite clear.

Months of comparing my own relationship to others and moaning about how I want to be treated should have told me that I wasn’t happy. But the love that I have for this guy blinded that.

It wasn’t until the second day into the New Year that I realised I needed out.

“How do you expect him to respect you, when you’re not even respecting yourself?”

They were right. How can you expect someone to respect you if you’re not respecting your own feelings and needs?

I don’t do resolutions, but I do promise to think about myself first for once.


Simply Speech xo.


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