Rekindling Me – Going Back To Basics

I’m alive!!

I know I haven’t posted on my blog in ages – but a lot has been going on recently which has made me realise that I’m missing out on the things that I actually love and want to do. Since the new year, I’ve broken up with my boyfriend and found a job working in sales in central London. Next month, it would be a year since I graduated. That means that come January, it would be a year that I’ve been single. Yet throughout these months, all I’ve been doing is working to live and not actually LIVING. I started a new blog only to realise that the only way I can properly document my life, is to carry on with this one – mistakes and all. This post below was originally written on 13th May, entitled My Escape. I’m reposting it here as in a sense I am rekindling me.

Overlooking Mount Snowdon, Wales.
Overlooking Mount Snowdon, Wales.

I seem to have reached the age now where people just assume that what you are doing in life – work-wise – is what you actually aspired to do.

Growing up, the common question from family friends and relatives was: “So… what do you want to be when you’re older?”

For some, the answer comes naturally – but I guess for others, they’re just not quite sure.

The truth of the matter is – I wanted to do a lot of things. Yet, deep down, my true love was to write.

You’d find me sat under the table in our living room, scribbling on scraps of paper and trying to put a story together – normally about vampires and young romance (well, my idea of romance at the time anyway).

As I got older, unsure of what I really wanted, I pursued a course in Media Production and somehow made my way through university, securing a broad degree in Communication and Media.

Yet, the funny thing is – if someone asked me now what I really want to do, or be, I would most likely reply with: “Something creative, like PR, Marketing, Advertising – or all three.”

My first blog Simply Speech began as a way of getting out how I felt in a not so secretive but constructive way, after leaving a destructive relationship. However, as the years went on and my situations changed, I kind of left it behind and moved on.

The noise in everyday life sometimes makes it hard to focus on what you truly want – which brings me to the point of this blog post.

This blog aims to become a form of escape from the concrete boundaries of work and life; letting me have the freedom to write about what I like (or dislike) – be it film, travel, food (or anything else in between) – whilst finding my “self” along on the way.


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