Commuter Problems

Another day, another delay on the southbound northern line service. Traveling on a packed underground into London, whilst surrounded by people in suits with briefcases, lost in the Metro is not my idea of living.

On average, it takes me 40 minutes to get to work. That’s over an hour of traveling to and from work everyday – not to forget my trips to waste money at lunch.

There’s one thing that you can never gain back or stop or pause – and that’s time. We underestimate how precious time really is and the potential of what we could do if we had more of it.

If I had taken the earlier train, I wouldn’t have ever got stuck in this delay and ode already be in the office sipping on my cup of coffee. But I did take the later train and alas I’m late.

Point is, if you spend more time thinking about things like what you want from life, where you would want to live and what you would want to do with yourself – it’s not really wasting time cause you’re living. Cooped up in an office, doing something I don’t want to do and wasting time is not in my eyes.


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