Fun adventures for adults in the UK

Being a young adult all I seem to want to do on the weekend is play. There’s so many fun places for kids to go to, but it’s hard to find things for adults.

I decided to go and study somewhere outside of London so I could see more of England. Even after uni, I’m still discovering things to do and places to experience fun activities all over the UK. I’m a big kid at heart and after all, all a kid wants to do is play.

London is a place where many come because there’s always something to do. There’s always going to be something to see, somewhere to eat, something new happening in the city, and the Internet makes it easy to find these things.

People are drawn to the buzz. They come for work and play and sometimes when they’ve had enough they go. But if you have lived in the city your whole life, it seems in some ways small. Although there always seems to be something to find and do, it can sometimes seem repetitive and recycled. Here are just a few of the recommendations from my adventure journeys (in and out of London) so far:


Tree-top Adventure 

Go Ape is the most prominent tree-top adventure that comes to mind. I experienced this for a friend’s hen do and it was definitely the most interesting hen do I’ve ever been to.

Being petite with an extreme fear of heights, I found it be a challenge. Even people who claimed to not be afraid of heights were quite taken aback with some of the obstacles you have to get through (skate-board zip).

Source: Go Ape Tribe


A word of advice: Go Ape is definitely fun, but it does take a lot of physical and mental energy. I would recommend it for all (even those who are scared of heights). I even managed to complete them all – in tears and shaking – but I did it. Would I do it again? You’d have to drag me.

There are of course other tree-top adventures and high-rope courses to experience. Wild Wood Adventure is one I’ve gone passed before but still have yet to try. I’m not sure if this one is mainly for kids, but the drop in the video does look a bit extreme.

Source: Wild Wood Adventure


White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting involves getting yourself into a wet suit and taking orders from the instructor on a raft while you learn to steer (and save) your team while battling rapids. It’s fast paced and takes strength and determination, but it’s a great laugh.

Some friends and I went to the White Water Rafting Centre in Lee Valley as a birthday surprise to try and attempt a group activity. We were put into a raft with two or three other groups and had to try and take it all seriously as the instructors yell orders to make sure you’re doing it right. It’s different and something that I think everyone has to try once at least. Definitely want to try real rapids next.

Source: LVWhiteWaterCentre

If you’re thinking it then yes, the water is very cold.


Bounce Below 

Bounce Below may be all the way in North Wales but it’s definitely worth the trip (we drove all the way there from London just to be able to bounce and slide around in a massive man-made cave). Located not too far from Snowden (we stayed in a hostel overlooking Mount Snowden), is Zip World where you can have the Bounce Below experience and also get to go zip-wiring too.

This video definitely convinced us:

Source: Alex Potts

Bounce Below again for me was quite a scare, but I loved it and would definitely do it again. Unfortunately I couldn’t man up to the cave zip wire as it looked too scary. I decided on the … zip wire thinking it wouldn’t be too bad, but boy it was high. Definitely one to visit! We loved it all.



Zorbing (Go Zorb)

Getting in to a massive plastic ball which looks like a hamster wheel and getting rolled down a hill? They even provide go pros… Do I really have to say anymore?!?!


And if you don’t want to just leave the kids at home, most of these adventures also do feature children’s versions. Fun for adults looking for a bit of adventure and also family friendly trips.