Quick Update – Planning To Travel

Australia has never been on my list of places that I have wanted to go to. Saying that, what I’m about to say is certainly going to seem very odd…

The truth is – it wasn’t until I found out that my ex boyfriend of 2 years has a new girlfriend and is settling down, that I actually decided whilst sitting in a park in Bournemouth, sipping on a cider that moving to Australia – might actually be a good idea.

I know for a lot of travelers Oz is the go to place to start your journey. The country is appealing because it has beautiful sites, it’s English speaking and despite the Aussies being very strict with border control and the talk about racism in the country (and lets not forget the wildlife and the spiders) – it’s pretty much a slice of paradise (well, from what I hear anyway).

I know that it seems strange that a 22 year old graduate has thoughts of upping and leaving her job to trek around a country that she never had the inkling of wanting to visit – but I suppose, that’s the beauty of life. Plus, like they say YOLO (you only live once – for those of you who don’t know the lingo). Despite having this idea in my head (and it’s easier when it is just an idea) – I realised today that although I’ve already made a list of things that I need to do – I literally don’t have a clue where to start doing all of this.

My friend FiveFtFlyer has recently taken the plunge and is now in Oz. For her, I suppose it was a lot easier as she is still able to leave things at home. But one thing that has always held me back from going travelling is the fact that I left home when I was 16 and ever since, I have been renting (mostly in London where the prices are so unrealistic – £500 per month for a single tiny room in a shared house? C’mon!!) Which brings me to the next point of planning to take the plunge and actually do something scary, spontaneous and in a way life changing – what the hell am I going to do with all of my stuff?

Has anyone else had an experience where they wanted to go traveling but also had nowhere to leave their belongings?